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Amazon River
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Amazon River

Jewel of the Jungle

A few years ago I had the incredible opportunity to spend 6 nights on a wooden river boat deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. This trip is definitely one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. We sailed so far up the tributary rivers that only locals were present, no other tourists.

When our boat tied up to the river banks we would play soccer with the little children. They were so excited to see us. Once we asked the little children if they had a pet monkey. They said no but we do have a pet anaconda!! Yikes. They actually went & got it to bring it to the boat to show us. We fished for piranha and dined on them in the evening. For our afternoon hikes through the jungle we had to wear "gators" on our legs.

These are leather pads wrapped around your legs to protect you from snake bites. The sounds of the rainforest are fascinating with the howler monkeys, colorful Tucan birds and other animals of the rainforest. At the beginning of the trip I was apprehensive about interacting in the jungle however by the end of the trip, they were calling me Jewel of the

This Amazon River experience will be forever on my heart as a most memorable time to treasure.



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